Frequently asked questions

1. Entry and exit times

2. Parking location booking

3. My booking

4. Parking electric cars

5. Disabled Parking

6. Other


1. Entry and exit times


Can I enter earlier than the times indicated on the parking ticket?

No, you cannot drive in earlier than the indicated start time. The parking lot only opens at the indicated entry time.


Can I still drive out if the event lasts until 00:00 and my parking ticket says I can only park until 23:00?

We do not know the specific end times for each event. This is why these end times are indicative. The parking managers stay 1 hour after the actual end time. The parking administrators therefore take into account the end times/run-out of the event. This gives you plenty of time to drive out. However, it is not the intention to go for extensive drinks or the like after the event, so visitors have a maximum of 1 hour to leave after the end of an event.


2. Parking location booking


Can I book more than 3 bookings? 

You can, please email Please note, when booking more than 3 parking spaces, the administration fee is 25 euros. (This is often done by companies who want to make a large purchase in one go)


Where can I park with my parking annual subscription for season 2022/2023?

With an annual season ticket, you can park at all Ajax 2022/2023 home games. You can also park at other events at the Ziggo Dome, AFAS Live and the Johan Cruijff ArenA (until July 1, 2023). Parking locations available when you have an annual season ticket are P7 Hoogoorddreef 66B, P8 Haaksbergweg and P Amstel lll Keienbergweg.



Please note!: For the season 2023/2024 you will not be able to buy a annual season ticket.

Click here for frequently asked questions about annual season tickets for the 2022/2023 soccer season.


Can I book a parking space for a specific date?

No, we only offer parking spaces during events at the Johan Cruijff Arena, AFAS Live and Ziggo Dome. We do not offer parking spaces outside of events. However, if the customer has an AJAX season ticket, they can park during events without having to purchase a new parking ticket.


3. My booking


How can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel a booking in the ArenApoort Car Park portal under 'my account'. We recommend to do this via computer and not via cell phone. There you can check a checkbox and cancel.


Can I cancel the booking for today's event?

If the parking ticket is for the same day and you want to cancel it, the money cannot be refunded. This is stated in the following link:


Can I still use my parking ticket for a concert that has been postponed/shifted?

Yes, parking tickets shift with the new date of events. As a result, these parking tickets can still be used at the rescheduled event. The visitor will not receive a new parking ticket.


How does my parking ticket work?

Your parking ticket has a QR code that is scanned at the parking location. This also eliminates the need to enter a license plate number. Your parking ticket is thus your proof of entry.

For your information: P7 is always accessible to reserved parkers, busy or not. It is possible that traffic controllers on location will not let you through. You do need to carefully read the accompanying text that is on the parking ticket or attached in the mail. For example, there is an exception when exiting at P9 when there are no persons to open the barrier.


Can I rebook my parking ticket? I accidentally booked the wrong date.

Unfortunately this is not possible, you will have to cancel the wrong ticket through your account and book a new ticket. After canceling, please email to notify us of your cancellation, then a refund can be initiated.


4. Parking electric cars


Why is P ING for sale and not P ING Electric?

When P ING is on the website, P ING Electric is always online as well. When all electric charging parking spaces are sold, they are no longer visible on the website. 


Which charging card do I need so that I can charge at ING Electric? 

The charging stations listed on P ING are public charging stations. This means that if you have a charging card that allows you to charge your car at public charging stations, you can also charge at these charging stations.


Where else can I park/reserve my electric car? 

Besides P ING Electric, you can also park at P7 and P9.  Unfortunately, these parking spaces with charging stations cannot be reserved. Visitors will need to drive in on time to ensure themselves a charging pole.


5. Disabled parking


Can I book a disabled parking space?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to book a disabled parking space with us. You will have to contact the event building for a disabled parking space. They will assist you further. We only offer wheelchair accessible parking spaces, for example P7 is at street level.


Frequently asked questions disabled parking:

Go to the website above, here more will be clear. 


Please note:

Wheelchair accessible is different, so a parking space that is wheelchair accessible does not have a larger size compared to normal parking spaces. P7 is at street level so it is wheelchair accessible.

If someone wants to park with a wheelchair van or something similar, this is not possible with us. This is because these parking spaces have a larger size.


6. Other


Can I reserve parking lot P1, P2 etc. for the event?

No, the parking spaces listed on the website are the only parking spaces we offer. We have no agreements with other locations and cannot offer them.


P1 is among other things a disabled parking space, for this you need to contact the municipality of Amsterdam. They also have an online shop to order parking spaces


I can't get into my account at Parkeren ArenApoort. 

If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the I forgot my password link in the login screen.


If you can't get into your account for other reasons, please email what your problem is, and one of our staff will pick it up for you.


Can I order parking tickets for different events in one order?

Unfortunately this is not possible. If you want to purchase parking tickets for different events, you will have to do so multiple times.


Still have questions? Get in touch with us!