Frequently asked questions

I have booked a parking space. Is my spot guaranteed?
In case you have booked and paid for a parking space, you will have a guaranteed spot in that parking lot up until half an hour after the event.

Can I pay at the parking lot?
In some cases it is possible to pay for a parking space at the parking lot. We advise you to reserve a parking space, so you have a guaranteed parking space.

Can I leave my car at the parking lot all day?
You can only enter the parking lot since the given entry time. It is not possible to enter the parking lot before the entry time.
You are expected to leave the parking lot with your car after the event. You will have enough time to get to your car and leave the parking lot.

Can I book a disabled parking space?
It is not possible to book a disabled parking space. These parking space will be designated at the parking lot, for more information please refer to the parking lot website.